(Official) Conversation With God Promo Visual 1


Conversation With God is set for it’s “Official Release” on August, 15th. It Will be available on BandCamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes very soon. This is the first (Official) Conversation With God Promo Visual we are previewing. We are also going to be doing 2 more promotional visuals for “Conversation With God” intill it’s release date. So enjoy. Thank you for watching.

Oddly Known 1st Official Single “Conversation With God” (Prod.By Ready Rock Productions) DROPS AUG.15TH

Conversation With God Official 1st Single Cover Artwork 2

UPDATE: This Friday “Oddly Known” will be premiering  a snippet of his 1st Single “Conversation With God” (Prod.by Ready Rock Productions) in a short visual. “Conversation With God” will be on his official Upcoming new project that will be released soon “Brentell’s Creation”. Expect “Conversation With God” to drop August, 15th on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

Oddly Known was selected in The National Hip Hop Competition in Atlanta, GA Division Information.



Oddly Known was selected as a first round pick to enter the national hip hop competition in Atlanta,Ga Division. The National Hip Hop Competition is an annual talent scouting network that is making its way through 23 cities in the U.S. They are bringing awareness to authentic artists and opening doors for them in the national music scene. The Competition starts on June, 28th at S.A.S (Soul Asylum Studios) located in Atlanta. He needs all of your support guys.  #support  #OddlyCultured  #ThomasvilleGAIndieMusicMovement
#OddlyKnownNHHC  #OddlyKnownMovement